Updates and service changes: In accordance with state orders, our office is closed.

I am seeing clients through a secure Telehealth video link.

Established clients please email info@drshawnricks.com to schedule an appointment.

Throughout this time we appreciate your continued support and are working on more ways to connect virtually. In the meantime and always, be well and choose you. 

Dr. Shawn 

I help women overcome obstacles so they can increase their overall health and wellness, become empowered and live more fulfilled lives.

Remove emotional blocks

Identify life goals 

Live a more authentic life

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I Am

Dr. Shawn

Motto: Be Well and Choose You

Dr. Ricks combines her personal life experiences with over 20 years of research and teaching. Because of her passionate commitment to help women, by debunking the myth of the superwoman, using her skills as an intuitive healer, counselor, hypnotherapist and life coach, she created the Self Empowerment Program specifically for women of color, that is... No Mask, No Cape. She believes everyone has the ability to heal--we just need help unpacking messages and returning to our "true and authentic" self. 

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A Healing and Empowerment

Program for Women 

An Empowering Coaching Program for women in a changing world.

Are you fed up and know there’s a better way but just can’t find it?


Are you overwhelmed and just can’t seem to get a break?


If you are ready to invest in yourself, are committed to your self-improvement, are responsible and open minded, then this program is for you!

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Sojourn To Self:

A Collective Healing Experience

A collective healing experience

Realize the growth, change, and empowerment you've been desiring with the support of a sisterhood to walk with you in the journey


The Journey Begins:

February 2022 

Monthly Program Outline:

Two (2) LIVE Collective Calls

Two (2) OnDemand Follow Up Videos

Enrollment to Daily Affirmations via SMS

Private Online Forum

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