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Busta Brown interviews Dr Shawn Ricks about suicide and mental health

The topic of suicide usually comes up when famous people kill themselves, such as Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade. It’s a matter of mental health, which doesn’t get addressed much. Dr Shawn Ricks talks about it with Busta Brown. See the interview.

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Changing the Font: Women Writing Their Own Stories | Shawn Arango Ricks | TEDxWinstonSalemWomen

This talk encourages women to recognize their role in shaping the trajectory of their lives. Teaching women and girls the four basic steps to begin to own/write/co-construct their own stories will provide the type of personal insights and skills necessary to create and empower both current and future generations of leaders.

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Yes! Magazine: I Stopped Playing the “Strong Black Woman”

I never saw my grandmother rest. From morning to night, she appeared to be in service: cooking and cleaning, helping and caring for others.

She died of a heart attack at 69.

As I reflect today on the high rates of heart disease, stress, obesity, and other physical as well as mental ailments among African American women, I wonder what would have been the impact had she said, “I ain’t cooking tonight, everybody is on their own,” or “I’m headed out for a walk,” or simply, “I’m tired, and I need to rest.” What messages might I have inferred from watching her take 15 minutes of quiet time in the morning to “get centered.”

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Podcast: MBSF: Healing Generational Wounds with Dr. Shawn Arrango Ricks

Much of what we experience in life can be a holdover from what has been passed down through many generations. Relationship patterns, alcoholism, poverty, abuse, etc. When these behavior patterns no longer serve us, what are some tools we can use to heal these generational wounds? We'll hear from Dr. Shawn Arrango Ricks, an intuitive spiritual healer who also has an academic and clinical background, as well as plenty of life experience to assist those seeking to create powerful change in their life. Dr. Ricks is a licensed mental health and addictions counselor, certified Hypnotherapist and life coach in Winston-Salem, NC. Her research interests include the psychosocial wellbeing of Black women, epistemic injustice, and the impact of racial trauma on Black women and girls. She has been a nationally invited speaker and facilitator in the areas of diversity, equity, and social justice. Because of her passionate commitment in helping women, by debunking the myth of the superwoman, Dr. Ricks created the Self Empowerment Program specifically for women of color--No Mask, No Cape. She believes everyone has the ability to heal--we just need help unpacking messages and returning to our "true and authentic" self. Her work, experiences, and spiritual guidanc have led her on the path to help her clients heal generational wounds. For more information, check out her website here.

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Podcast: Discharge Plan

This recording discusses the importance of letting go of traumatic experiences.

Source: BlogTalkRadio: Dr. Shawn Ricks