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Sojourn To Self:

A Collective Healing Experience

Are you ready to...

✨ Remove Long Term Blockages ✨

✨ Identify Life Goals ✨

✨ Live A More Authentic Life ✨

10 month collective healing experience

Realize the growth, change, and empowerment you've been desiring with the support of a sisterhood to walk with you in the journey

What is a collective healing experience?

In short, this is a group (or collective) learning opportunity. We often get so inundated with our own baggage that we overlook the beauty in our various perspectives. Collective healing allows us to create space and develop healthy solutions with like minds.

Isn't 10 months a long time?

Not necessarily. Healing, growth and self-empowerment takes time. Just as a plant must be nurtured and cared for, so must we. This 10 month sojourn allows us to dive deep into our being and really unearth and heal our personal trauma(s).


Option A — $1999.99 one-time payment ($5000 Value)

Option B — $219.99 per month

What is included?


The Journey Begins:

February 2022 

Monthly Program Outline:

Two (2) LIVE Collective Calls

Two (2) OnDemand Follow Up Videos

Enrollment to Daily Affirmations via SMS

Private Online Forum

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