What Clients are Saying

"If you live in Winston Salem or the surrounding area, have been seeking ways to heal old traumas, deal with energy blocks or hell, just talk to someone - y'all have GOT to reach out to Dr. Shawn Ricks. (In fact, I believe she does sessions by the phone as well so there are no real excuses!)

I just finished up a Hypnotherapy session with her and I was blown away at what I was able to uncover in my subconscious mind that has been blocking me from leveling-up the way I DESIRE. From a place of knowing, I can begin the process of healing and releasing those blocks. I didn't know what to expect going, but I'm thoroughly impressed, relaxed and rejuvenated with more clarity before my appointment.

Seriously, she truly has a healing touch combined with a passion & heart for women." 

"Dr. Ricks is an amazing provider. She listens, she is sensitive to your needs and she provides appropriate, and insightful feedback. She has a special interest in improving self awareness so that you are able to manage any situation. I would recommend her, always!!"

"Dr. Ricks has been a true lifesaver! I love both her professionalism and her ability to call my insecurities to the forefront. It allows me to genuinely reflect on what my needs are and how I can do more for myself. She listens beyond the words and provides a warm and inviting space where I feel free to truly share my thoughts, fears, and concerns.”

"Dr. Shawn Ricks is an authentic, trailblazing voice for women. She has provided family therapy for my entire family and our lives have been radically transformed by her work."

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